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The future of agri-work is here!

Harvest your success through our seasonal worker platform.

Speed and security

Flexibility and scalability

Better cooperation

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Why Yadag?

Yadag is an innovative staffing digital platform that connects growers and seasonal farm workers, featuring three key components: Hire, Onboard & Retain.


We offer a streamlined platform for farmers to easily find skilled workers for tasks like harvesting, covering hiring, onboarding, visa management, and training.


John, our WhatsApp recruitment chatbot which allows companies to qualify the best profiles in less than 10 minutes.

Skilled labor

We provide farmers with a pool of qualified, trained and experienced agricultural workers to perform a variety of tasks. 

Save time & money

Yadag streamlines tasks such as hiring, onboarding and communication, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors


An offer for everyone


Agricultural Employers

Recruit your future agricultural workforce from a selection of profiles defined according to your needs.

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As a Carrier/Hunter, you will be responsible for bringing employment opportunities to your community and beyond.


Farm workers

Find the job with ease via our WhatsApp chatbot and benefit from exclusive advantages.

The Seasonal Staffing Platform Built for Agriculture

Yadag simplifies seasonal workforce management in agriculture and food processing through a software platform, saving employers time, effort, and money.

Digital Onboarding

VISA Management

Communication Platform

Established leadership in the industry

Farmers of all sizes use the Yadag platform to help them find agricultural labor, meet their professional needs and ease the recruitment burden. 

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Testimonials from our clients

"Yadag has had a positive impact on our business. It helps us recruit staff efficiently during our peak season and prevents our permanent workers from burning out by keeping their workload constant."

Hugh Gilverey,
Agricultural Domains

"Yadag has helped relieve stress on our production teams and build excitement around the options we have for filling roles and accomplishing tasks."

Sarah McCarty,


"We were given a certain amount to complete a job and we could easily adjust the labor to stay within our budget with Yadag."

Jennifer Reisbick,
Green Providence

Explore our pricing plans

  • Best Value

    Hero Farmer

    Every year
    +4 Dhs / candidat / jour travaillé
     14 day free trial
    • Accés illimité
    • Réactivité rapide
    • Dashboard de suivi
    • Gestion des emplois

Maximize your productivity with Yadag

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